Drag and drop files to editor without prefix - file:///?

How could I avoid the prefix - file:/// - to be added to the link when I drag and drop a file from the local drive to the editor?

Out of curiosity, under what conditions would that form a proper link? As far as I know, a URI requires the “file” part in order to function correctly, if that is removed then it is no longer a valid link, so we couldn’t rightly make it a hyperlink in the editor.

Ah yes, yes, very sorry for my insufficient expression, so I meant the name of the link.

That makes sense, and is reasonable—it is what we do on the Mac after all, we just print the file name (sans extension) rather than the full path, let alone the entire URL. I’ll check our list and add this request if necessary.


Just to be sure, you obviously can rename the link names in Scrivener like you like it, so without prefix or completely different, but when you drag a link to the editor there obviously always is a prefix added (which one can remove then). And I meant may be there is an option like it is here

to avoid that prefix when adding the link by dragging. But if I understand it right, there isn’t.

Many thanks