Drag and drop?


I am new to Scrivener and this is my first post on the forum. Hello everybody.
I figure one stupid question is probably allowed:
How do I drag and drop text with the mouse in the editor pane? :blush:
I am a Windows person and have very little experience with the Mac, so it is probably obvious to everybody. I tried it in TextEdit and there it works as expected, but not in Scrivener.

This looks like a great forum - looking forward to further discussions.


Highlight the text you want to drag. Hover the mouse pointer over it. Hold down the mouse button and drag the text to its new location.

Did you try this? What went wrong?

I knew I would feel stupid.

It is the “hovering” that went wrong. The timing is different compared to how it works in Windows. There is this lag while you let the mouse pointer hover over the highlighted area which I did not know I had to wait out (in Windows you just point and drag without this split second of hovering - something I only realize now).

Thanks a lot - problem solved.