Drag Emails from Mail App into Research Folder

On a quick search of the forum, there doesn’t appear to be other messages referencing this, so I wanted to mention it here. I’d like to be able to drag emails from Mail app to my research folder, similarly to how I can drag other files (especially PDFs). I’m assuming there isn’t a way to do this as it doesn’t work in an obvious way.

Any time I’ve tried to drag and drop an email into Scrivener’s research folder (an admittedly rare occurrence), I’ve been met with an error notice. When I have had occasion to do this, I’ve saved the email as a PDF and then imported. Not ideal if you are planning to move a lot of emails.

An update to this: while I cannot drag directly from Mail.app, I can drag an email to the desktop and then to Scrivener for the effect I was after.