Dragging from binder without changing the active document?

Is there some easy way to select a document in the Binder, without changing the ‘active document’ in the editor? I figured out that I can use ‘Lock In Place’ in the editor, but is this the only right way?

Here’s a scenario: Doc-A is the active document, and I want to populate its References using drag-and-drop. But when I click Doc-B in order to drag it, Doc-B becomes active and the Inspector no longer shows Doc-A.

Another scenario: Doc-A is active in the editor. I want to open Doc-B in a Quick Reference window, so I right-click on Doc-B in the binder. Now, Doc-B replaces Doc-A in the editor. Although this isn’t a horrible outcome, it was really counter-intuitive and inconvenient.

Am I missing something? Have I set some option/preference that is making this happen?


Drag and drop for references should be working as you expect on both Mac and Windows–click in the binder and begin dragging without releasing the mouse button until dropping into the reference list. The editor isn’t switched until the mouse-up action, so working this way shouldn’t affect the current document. That’s not possible if you’re trying to make a multiple selection, of course, so in that case you’ll want to use the Lock in Place method, which can be toggled quickly with Ctrl-Shift-L on Windows and Opt-Cmd-L on Mac.

For opening in the QR window in the Mac version, you’ll need to use Lock in Place, since on Macs a right-click also selects the item. Alternatively, you can drag the document from the binder and drop it on the QuickReference icon in the main toolbar, which will open it in the QR window without affecting the main editor.