Dragging - non Windows behaviour

I don’t think this is a bug but it certainly caught me out.

If I highlight text and drag it to the search box (top right) or drag it into the keyword section in the inspector, then the word is deleted in the main text.

Windows convention is something like, if you drag into a similar class of space - eg another word processor window, then that is classed as a “move”. But if you go to something very different, like a search box or a Chrome tab, then that is classed as a “copy”.

I could go on but you are probably falling asleep. Basically it is great to be able to drag text into search or keyword (a bloomin lifesaver in fact) but I don’t think I will ever want it to take words out of precious text. IMHO.

I have probably over 1,000 keyword drags to do. I am getting around this problem with Ctrl+Z but am expecting several instances of major characters’ names to be deleted. However, as I said, I am in heaven for the dragable aspect so this is but a point of info.

Thanks for all the hard work.


Oh, good catch. It should be a copy, and Lee fixed this for most other aspects of the Scrivener interface, but evidently keywords sneaked through. I’ve marked that to be corrected. You can copy via drag into the keywords HUD, but you’d still have to assign them to the individual documents from there so I’m not sure if that saves you a lot of work, though you could put them all in the HUD first (at least per document) and then select all of them at once in the HUD and drag that to the document keywords. You’ll probably also want to organize your keywords in the HUD (e.g. categories for Characters, Places, Themes, whatever important things you’re tracking) so that you can better see what you have, so maybe working with the HUD at this stage will help give you the overall view of your manuscript while you’re tagging each document.

Other thing you can do is take a snapshot of the document before you start dragging the keywords, then just revert back to that snapshot when you’ve finished. That way you don’t have to worry about it being a move instead of a copy–you’ll just restore the original version anyway. Snapshots only capture the main text of the document, so none of your meta-data will get disturbed in the process. So the process would be 1) Load the document in the editor, 2) Ctrl-5 to take a snapshot, 3) go through and drag all the keywords from the document to the inspector keywords, 4) switch to the snapshot tab in the inspector and restore the snapshot. (There’s a camera-click sound when you take the snapshot, so if you have your sound up you should hear that as a confirmation that the snapshot took, but you could always check before beginning the drag process.) Rinse and repeat.

Jennifer thanks for that (I should repeat that a drag up to the search box also does a delete).

I had not thought about snapshot (I am only just getting a grip of it - I thought it stored the whole document (novel) until two hours ago). But that is a nice idea.

And yes the HUD will come into play soon. But I still have huge problems with search (see post in tech support).

BTW did you get my PM???

Keep up the good work

PS Just gave Scrivener a little plug on Twitter.
PPS Really think you need a link to the Windoze page from the main Scrivener front page literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php - or is it too soon? Don’t think so if clearly labelled Beta. Tech journalists should be looking at it now!