Dragon "Correct That" doesn't work in Scrivener Version: Beta (937253) 64-bit - 26 May 2020

“Correct That” works in window Notepad,exe but not in Scrivener.
In Scrivener Dragon says “Cannot find any matching text” when one says “Correct That”

(For more comparison, it does not work in NotePad++, but does in Word (but sometimes re-scrolls and one loses ones place. If it is possible to be compatible like Windows Notepad.exe, then that would be better than how Word does it.)

This is one of the main reasons why sometimes I dictate into notepad and then cut and paste into Scrivener.
But wouldn’t it be cool if one could put words directly into scrivener with the microphone, including “Correct That” (which has a dual purpose, 1- to correct the recently spoken text. 2- to train Dragon to get it right next time.)

Dragon has never worked in Scrivener for me. It is something to do with what Dragon can hold/access in a buffer and it seems to need some kind of add-on code in the app for it to work.

eg: Chrome needs an extension so you can use Dragon properly.

I dictate into the DragonPad and then say “Select all. Copy that. Open LibreOffice Writer. Paste that.” when I’m planning for my novels, and just “Select all. Copy that.” Then click correct Scrivener document. “Paste that.” when I’m writing.

You should contact Dragon support. They do not publish an API or any information for developers seeking to improve their Dragon compatibility. Any application-specific adjustments that take place are entirely on their side of things.


Ok, A Question has been submitted to Nuance Support.
“Use this reference number for follow up: #200613-000011