Dragon Dictate 3 for MAC - problems!


HI ALL - Just an update on Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac. I’ve been using it for about a week with a variety of programs, including MS Word 11, Pages, Mail, TextEdit and, of course, our beloved Scrivener. It works pretty well with every program except for Scrivener. In Scrivener, it transcribes my dictation fairly well, but when you try to get it to do any editing, or to position the cursor, or select some text, it’s an unmitigated disaster. It puts the cursor in random places, starts selecting everything in a document, then won’t stop selecting, and finally crashes the Dictate program, requiring a ForceQuit. I cannot recommend it for Scrivener users unless all you’re going to do with it is dictate and NO editing at all.

I’ve tried repeatedly to figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’ve cached the document, I’ve started up new voice profiles, you name it. Nothing will make this piece of crap program run right in Scrivener, and it is breaking my heart cause I had such high hopes for it. If someone out there has cracked the code on how to make this work (and please don’t say “dictate and edit in Text Edit and then copy and past to Scrivener” because that utterly defeats the purpose), I would be greatly appreciative.
Scriv On!

I haven’t used DD3 with Scrivener - but I just wonder whether Scrivener is one of those applications for which the software lacks what it calls “full text control” (whatever that means), and for which the DD3 Express Editor Window was designed. (Although - there’s a video on the L&L video page using Dragon Dictate - not sure if that’s using version 2.5 or 3.)