Dragon dropping to title

I love using Scrivener.

I wish I could drag-and-drop fragments of text from the body of a document to its title – in the word processor and the corkboard/card view. I know I can cut-and-paste.


I clicked on this thread hoping for some silliness involving dragons. I am disappointed.

There is nothing silly about Dragon droppings. They are one of the most toxic substances known to man. The only thing more corrosive (at least to one`s ego), is a withering rebuke from Grumpy Blounty :imp:, after asking an asinine question.

Anyway we dont do silliness on board Scrivener! What on Earth are y thinking of! :open_mouth: Shame on you.
Lawwwd luv `s all!

Despite the gratuitous pun, it is a serious wish.

(Is the phrase “bad pun” oxymoronic?)

Hi, glad you’re enjoying Scrivener. It’s a valid wish, but I’m afraid it won’t be making it into the next update - the areas you are talking about are static views until they are edited, so they don’t know anything about drops (the header view can be dropped on as a whole, but you wouldn’t be able to drop text at a specific cursor location, which could be confusing).
Thanks and all the best,

Oh well.
I figured there was a good reason. Thanks for the clarification.
I’ll keep on wishing.
Keep up the fine work.

It’s not drag & drop, but Set Selected Text As Title in the context menu works at least in the editor mode and needs less steps than copy/cut & paste. It is also in the drop down menu so you can trigger it by a keyboard shortcut.

I recommend not to use the default one because it has four (!) keys, and the fastest workflow would be to use one hand on the mouse to highlight text and the other to type the shortcut. Which would be a little tricky with four keys at the same time.

No, but ‘moronic’ does have a certain resonance aboard Scrivener. It becomes louder the closer you get to the crew`s quarters.
Welcome aboard Jode! :wink: