Dragon voice dictation suddenly stopped working with Scapple

A couple of weeks ago, Dragon stopped talking to Scapple. From what I can tell, it has also stopped working with Microsoft onenote.

I setup a new windows profile and they now talk to each other but a) I had loads setup on my old profile and b) I’m worried about changing anything on my new profile in case I break it again. Also worried about the future as losing Scapple would cause me enormous problems.
For the time being, I plan to keep the new profile as vanilla as possible and install the bare minimum.

Any suggestions about what updates/drivers/competing programs might be affecting things?

Realise it isn’t supported etc but thought I’d ask in case there’s anything obvious you are aware of or have in your knowledge banks.

Thanks, Ed

You should contact Dragon support. They are notoriously opaque about this sort of thing.

I did contact them but they said there wasn’t much they could do.

The good news is that I’m back up and running again.
This has happened before - seems to be some update or other - and Microsoft project, Microsoft one note and Scapple are all working again.
Although… I did discover that I had a virus (Gen:Mail.Nophy.1) from a webpage I had imported into Scrivner so there’s another lesson learned.