Drawing a grid

I want to keep a timeline of characters and their birthdays so that I have a handle on their ages. The easiest way to do that would be to draw a grid with x-axis having months and y-axis having years. How would do it in Scrivener? I can do it in an external Google Sheet. However, I want to do it here.

Scrivener isn’t a drawing program, so you won’t find much by way of that kind of feature set in it. The closest thing to that may be to create a folder for yourself in the binder to display this information. Click on it, and switch the view mode to Corkboard, then once you’ve done that, use the View ▸ Corkboard Options ▸ Freeform menu command. Now you can add character cards, type in the dates in the synopsis area, and drag them around to represent them in whatever order you prefer.

The last thing I’d do is right-click on the folder’s icon in the editor header bar, and select “Lock Group View Mode” from that menu. Now if you go on to view other folders and choose other view modes, like Scrivenings or Outliner, you will always see this folder as a corkboard.

Otherwise, the general purpose answer to your question is that Scrivener is a file hoarding program. Create a diagram using whatever tool you wish and drop the file into the binder. You can always load it with a simple click in the footer bar with the little arrow button.

Thank you. I think I’ll just create an external sheet and drop a link in my project.