If I go to the Files app on iOS, tap On My iPhone, and then tap on Scrivener, I see three folders: Dropbox, Tutorial, and…


?? I didn’t put it there. Is this an Important Internal Folder that I should not touch?

I found that too … I simply ignored it thinking “A pox on all your drobs!”



:smiley: Wonderful!

Oops! One of the Dropbox checkers has that typo in it, and it’s creating the folder and then never using it. You can safely delete it. I’ve fixed the code and I’ve also added some code to delete the misspelled directory if it exists and is empty.

It seems I’d misspelled “Dropbox” as “Drobpox” in several comments in my code as well (fortunately only once in actual code), so I’ll have to be careful of that one! (Even worse, I saw the folder in Files app a week ago and thought it was just a Files app bug showing the folder twice - I didn’t even notice the transposed letters. Perhaps I should have turned up to that meeting my university lecturer wanted me to go to about possible dyslexia twenty-five years ago…)

oh great! You’ll release Scriv 3 just as you get sued for US$50billion by Dropbox.

All the best anyway. 8)