Drop Caps in Scrivener for Print

Has anyone come up with a way to create drop caps in Scrivener for output to print? I know that there has been discussion on it before, but I haven’t seen anything regarding drop caps in Scrivener 3. I can add them in the ebook easily with css, but that’s not offered in the print outputs.

There is no way to do it. Drop caps require box and canvas style page layout, and the ability to flow text around boxes. There is not even the beginning of a rudimentary framework for making that possible with the technology Scrivener uses.

Do you have any suggestions on how to accomplish that apart from buying MS Word? Many Scrivener users are self-published, like myself, and we need a way to easily add drop caps in our print books. I have Pages, but it can be funky when editing and saving .docx files.

I’m not really the best to ask as I prefer using a different set of tools for self-publishing, than the typical GUI-based software approach. I use XeLaTeX coming out of Scrivener, and if I were compelled to switch, it would be to some other similarly procedural based system. I just find the “code” approach far more intuitive and easy to use than a complicated GUI. That’s what I use for the Scrivener and Scapple software manuals.

But I hear tell of things other people use. LibreOffice is probably going to be the most like Word in terms of capability, and it is open source—though I would imagine the level of quality in terms of typesetting and font finesse will be mediocre, as with Word and most other word processing style systems (I really wouldn’t recommend buying Word for self-publishing under any circumstances). I’ve also heard good things about Scribus, an open source desktop publishing system more along the same vein as InDesign. My hunch would be that where it is not as good as an expensive professional package may not be relevant to someone looking to use it for a fairly basic one or two column book that is exclusively or mostly text.

You could have a look at Swift Publisher. It is designed to handle rather complex layout.

I just want to add drop caps to my existing print book document, nothing more, and output the final document as a .PDF that’s ready for CreateSpace. I have InDesign, but I’ve spent hours today trying to import (place) my .docx file into it and it’s just not working nor can I find any help online.

I can tell you how I would do it:


\lettrine[lines=3,findent=0.5em,nindent=0pt]{T}{he word processor}, that staple of writers’ tools…


[size=80]It’s not quite the right look for the manual, I think, but I could be happy with that result![/size]

It took me five minutes to look that up, download the letterine documentation and type in an example that looked good to my eyes; very easy! Granted, it may take one more than a few hours to learn LaTeX though. :laughing:

Sorry, I don’t have much by way of InDesign knowledge. I did a few quick searches for keywords like “+indesign rtf docx import book novel template” and came up with what appeared to be a good amount of tutorials, articles and tips for those getting into the process for the first time. Let us know if you find any good resources!