Dropbox and Android phone

I may be getting ahead of myself, but one thing I really need if I’m to use Scrivener is the possibility of adding notes from my phone. I watched the video about synching and then found it doesn’t work with Windows… so I decided that saving the project in dropbox and then editing the document files (once I’d figured out which number refers to which file) should be OK. But strangely I can read some of the files but not all of them with the RTF editor on my phone. In fact I can read all of them with the RTF reader (Cool Reader) but only some with Officesuite. The ones I can’t read appear to open but are blank or have odd formating marks and nothing else.

Can anyone explain why some files are OK but some are not? It suggests that I should be able to make them all editable if I only knew how.

Thanks in advance.

Not all of the files inside a project are RTF files.

You really don’t want to go poking around inside a project, though. That’s almost guaranteed to corrupt it.

A better choice would be to export the parts that you want to work on, then re-import them when done.


I can see it isn’t going to work. I can just make notes on my phone and cut and paste via google docs.


I had an issue with RTF format too. What I managed to do (for Mac OSX only) is make a converter I could put in my Dropbox to change from RTF format to the much more flexible MD format. Note: Your pretty text formatting will be lost in this change, but your italicising, bold, headings, dot points will not.

So my work flow is to sync Scrivener (for example) to my Dropbox folder, run the converter and then edit the files as Markdown on my phone. Then I save them.

When I get home, I run the Markdown to RTF converter and then resync and bam, I’ve got my RTF formats imported into Scrivener.

The files are command line, but self-explanatory. If you want to convert from Markdown to RTF, you type md2rtf *.md
That converts all the files in the directory with the .md extension.

Here’s the link to my blog post with the files:
sparkygetsthegirl.com/blog/2014/ … iting-app/