Dropbox “Apps” folder — recent changes?

This might be an issue of my own creation, but I don’t really know.

Using macOS Ventura (latest).

Recently opening Scrivener projects stored in the recommended ~/Dropbox/Apps subfolder have not loaded with error message something about not able to save things and recovered files are in ~/Documents and then app quits. Humm. Further research I find that Alfred shared preferences in the “~/DropboxApps/Alfred” folder not working. They have a troubleshooting article at Using the Dropbox Apps folder - Alfred Help and Support saying that the “Apps” is reserved for applications using the Dropbox API. I know that Scrivener using the API so makes sense that the recommended folder is that folder. But … something changed in recent days. Dunno what.

Just curious if anyone else seeing this. I accept that this could be a problem of my own making, but I am at a loss what I did to cause this.

I moved all the subfolders of ~/Dropbox/Apps into ~/Dropbox/Applications, then reset everything that was using the old location. Scrivener (and the other apps), far as I can tell working as expected.