Dropbox: Can't find remaining space available

… and Dropbox’s help and forums are useless. The only page that purports to show you how to access your remaining storage only tells you how much storage you’re signed up for. Maybe the business accounts get better service?

I added a new Project to Dropbox, and wanted to know how much storage I have remaining. No way. Dropbox, whether viewing the webpage or the menubar icon, won’t even easily show me the size of my Projects. I’m using the free 2 GB storage (not that it should matter). Just adding up the Project sizes I see via the Finder, I’m at about 175 MB – well within any comfort zone. But I’m still stymied by the inability to see what Dropbox thinks I have left. (And Finder just references the remaining space on my Mac’s internal drive.)

Has anyone here found what I’m looking for under some obscure button or menu choice?

I fully understand why we have to use Dropbox, but they’ve become somewhat user-hostile over the years.

Bring up the Dropbox Preferences pane on your computer, and look at the Account tab. It will show something like “X% of Y GB used.”




Huh. I don’t get that from the menu icon.

Maybe because I have a Pro account and they don’t want me to know how underutilized it is?


This is what my Dropbox icons shows as well. I guess I’ll just keep tabs manually. This is certainly not helpful on Dropbox’s part. It’s obvious their priority is getting me to upgrade. Anyway, thanks for chiming in.

I find the simplest thing is to select the Dropbox folder in Finder and then hit Command-I (Get Info). That shows how much space the folder is using.

Very odd! I get the figures on both 10.15.7 and 10.13.6!


EDIT: Dropbox Preferences:

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-11-17 at 17.45.29.png[/attachment]