Dropbox compatibility

I’ve been using Scrivener on my PC for about a year and its brilliant. I noticed the other day that there is an iPhone app available and I was thinking how awesome it would be to scribble notes or make edits while killing time on my phone.

My question is, if I have Scrivener on PC and the iOS App, can I use Dropbox to open the same project on both? Or will the back up file I create on my PC be incompatible?


Yes, you can use any combination of Windows, Mac and iOS (iPad and iPhone), synching them all through Dropbox.

It all works seamlessly in my experience, but it will be worth your while reading the documentation when you’ve installed it, so you’re aware of the basics.

The backup file is in ompatible, if you mean a zip:d backup. All versions open the same live project from Dropbox. You only have to tell the iOS version where in your Dropbox folder your scriv project is saved.
It is wise to have live projects, the ones you are really working on right now, in a special folder, so your iDevice won’t have to download thousands of files.