Dropbox does not work any more on iPad2 - what now?

After many years of using Scrivener on my iPad and my Mac, using Dropbox to sync, this option has gone AWOL.
Dropbox does not work any more with iOS 9.3.5, and iPad 2 cannot be upgraded to iOS 10 or later. I can’t even open Dropbox in the web with Safari Browser, because Safari Browser is not compatible with Dropbox any more either.
So - what now?
Buy a new iPad? Well…
Before I do that: Is there any other possibility to sync Scrivener?
All I want is to work with Scrivener on iOS somewhere, come home and sync my project with my Mac. And vice versa.
Isn’t there ANY option to do this besides Dropbox? How come Scrivener doesn’t offer a sync possibility with my home WiFi, the finder, whatever?
This really annoys me.

You might be able to use AirDrop or iCloud Drive to transfer––not sync––files.

I can confirm (just did it) that an iPad Mini(1) running iOS 9.3.5 can transfer files with a Mac running macOS 10.14.6 using iTunes File Sharing––link:

There’s a link in that documentation for using the Finder rather than iTunes in macOS Catalina and newer. (I haven’t tried a transfer with Catalina +.)

Is Scrivener itself reporting errors when you sync? The iOS dropbox app isn’t used by Scrivener; the sync code is built in.

Yes, THANK YOU! This works - I have OS 11.2.3 (Big Sur), so one must use the Finder instead of iTunes, but it works.

No, but to sync via Dropbox you have to connect Scrivener with your Dropbox account - and this is not possible any more since there is no way to sign into Dropbox - neither by the app nor by the webbrowser, since both are not compatible any more with iOS 9.3.5.! So if you download the Dropbox app, it just does not open, and when you try a web sign in with Safari, it says: Dropbox does not support this browser any more, try a new version… and when you want to install a new version of Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc. it says: iOS 9.3.5 does not support these browsers.

You don’t need the dropbox app to sync iOS scrivener. Neither do you need to log on to dropbox.com in your browser. Have you attempted to set up the iOS Scrivener app with dropbox? You enter your account information directly into Scrivener for iOS to do so, and you sync directly in the Scrivener app. There is no interaction between Scrivener and the dropbox app. If you already did that, and then in Scrivener, told it/allowed it to sync and got an error, then I’ll butt out of this conversation.

FYI, this is entirely different from Scrivener for Mac and/or Windows. They do not have any dropbox integration, and rely on the dropbox app to sync it’s own folder with your projects in it. But that’s irrelevant to making Scrivener for iOS work with dropbox, as detailed above.

Here’s the official guide to setting up Scrivener for iOS with dropbox. You can skip down to the heading “Setting Up Dropbox Sync”–the article assumes you want to sync with Windows/Mac Scrivener, but that’s not actually necessary to get iOS Scrivener set up. : scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … g-with-ios

Yes I have. I tap on the little circle with the arrows. It says: “Connect to Dropox”. If I tap that, he opens the Dropbox App, and that crashes immediately. If I de-install the Dropbox App, he opens Safari Browser with the login window. If I try to login, it says “Dropbox does not support your browser. We recommend to use the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari”.

Well, this is what happens.
Maybe you are talking about a later version of Scrivener for iOS? I am talking about Version 1.2.1 (2096).

Thanks, I’ll check it out

See, this is what I am talking about. This is exactly what I am trying:
[attachment=0]Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-06 um 18.03.55.png[/attachment]
He opens the Dropbox App - YES, but it crashes on the spot.
I deleted the App - so he opens Safari with the login window ( inside of Scrivener) - and if I try to log in, he gives this error message: Browser is not supported any more.

And btw - if you want to sync your Scrivener project with your Mac, you have to use Dropbox on your Mac too, i.e. connect Scrivener with it - or else it can’t sync.

This is not accurate. While Scrivener doesn’t need the Dropbox app to sync, you still need to identify yourself to the Dropbox server. That’s the point at which the OP’s iPad is failing.

And yes, the solution is to use Apple File Sharing instead.


Ah, I hadn’t had to start from scratch in years. Sorry for the inaccurate advice. :blush:

Which works perfectly well, as I mentioned before. I use my iPad just to check mails or surf in the Internet, so I really don’t want to spend another 700 Euro just because Dropbox does not work any more.

I have not used Scrivener in a long time and re-activated it, and so I had to start all over again. One really must be careful with all those updates!

Excellent! You’re welcome.

Thank you for the Finder transfer report. Good to know for when/if I ‘upgrade’.