DropBox (ed)

I cannot make a Project open on my laptop. The Project should sync via my DropBox … now not so - Project works perfectly off desktop, unable to get the project working on the Laptop … both are using latest versions of Scrivener. I receive error message: “seems to be an older format, but no binder.scrivproj file could be found inside it” … when I search for it all I have is “binder.backup” … do I need to rename file? thoughts? can’t see where I am going wrong. Help - as I need to travel and need to work of lappy. Cheers

Sounds like an incomplete Dropbox sync? Have you set the folder for Scrivener Project to be “offline”? Check that first.

Or if the project is indeed corrupted, as second step might be to recover from backup?

First, make sure both computers are not set to online-only saving with Dropbox (Knowledge Base Article)

If the above doesn’t resolve the issue, re-sync the project from the device that has most recently accessed the project (sounds like this would be your desktop computer)

  • On your computer, open File Explorer/Finder and drag your project from its folder in Dropbox to the Desktop. (On Windows, please be sure to drag the entire .scriv project folder).
  • Wait for Dropbox to sync on your computer.
  • Drag your .scriv project back into your Dropbox sync folder.
  • Wait for Dropbox to completely sync on your computer.
  • When syncing is complete, make sure the project opens correctly on the desktop computer. If it does, close the project, go to your laptop, and try opening it there.

Brilliant help - all good - writin with all fingers on two machines. Clearly my Knowledge Base search failure was the bigger problem :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks