Dropbox files damaged during Mac repairs

Just got my MBP back from Apple replaced battery and now I cannot open any of my dropbox links to existing Scrivener files and trying to open back up zip file does not work

Things shouldn’t be any different after a battery replacement, of course, but I believe Apple’s current idea is that you should wipe your hardrive before sending your mac in and then restore from a time machine backup on return, so maybe that is where things get different. Anyway….

  1. Can you open the Scrivener app itself without trouble? Just checking.

  2. How are you trying to open your Scriv files? Go to your Dropbox folder itself in the Finder and open one of your projects directly from the Finder. (Don’t just rely on the Recents menu in Scriv.)

  3. You refer to Dropbox links to Scrivener projects. Where are you seeing a link to a project rather than the project itself? Are your Scrivener projects being stored “remote only” by Dropbox? That will make them unuseable by Scriv. Scriv projects can be synced, but need to be wholly present locally.

  4. Have you confirmed that your Dropbox connection is up and syncing as expected?

That’s all I can think of, but others may have more/better ideas what to think.

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As @gr mentions, I’m wondering what you mean by “dropbox links” … and wondering exactly what you are doing to attempt to open these Scrivener projects. Further, my hunch is that your issue has no connection with Apple’s battery replacement. Such a repair would do nothing to the file system (unless of course they indeed did something, but I wonder).

I’m wondering if perhaps since the last time you used Scrivener you updated the Dropbox software? If yes, then there may be two things in your way.

Edit: The Dropbox version I have is v171.4.6182 and it uses the new local file locations as described above.

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Thank you all for your input. I discovered that the Dropbox zip backups may well have been compromised but I found the actual Scrivener Manufests in another area of Dropbox and they are intact in full so problem solved.