Dropbox Folder structure with Plain Text and Index Card

I am fairly new to Scrivener, written a few small documents and now attempting to synch with two iPad apps, i.e. PlainText and Index Card. I also use two computers a desktop and laptop (Macs). I have been able to synch after writing on both my computer and the iPad with PlainText.

The above stated, I recently changed the ‘Draft’ folder name in Scrivener, and then attempted make it synch with a similar created and named folder on Dropbox. As a result of synch with both my iPad and Computer and in an effort to get all the documents on the same folders in dropbox, I might have created a mix up. The end result now, is that I have all my documents in Dropbox synch with a folder named ‘Draft’, that is residing in a folder also named 'Draft" !!! (two draft folders !!), which in turn resides in the folder that I created with the name of my novel.

Further to the above stated. I can confirm that all the synch documents with dropbox occurs in the sub ‘Draft’ folder, that resides in main Draft folder, that resides in the folder named as my novel.

I have clearly made a mess in the hierarchy of folders in trying to fix this. Could some kindly explain how I might go about fixing this jumble. I also have duplicate documents in both the main ‘Draft’ folder and sub folder within named ‘Draft’ where the synching occurs. I do understand now, that a draft folder is always the default. I original Draft folder on my computer was renamed to my preference of the novel name .

Add to all the above, I also need to add the Index Card folder for the collection documents too.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.


When you sync your filename.scriv project with Dropbox, you create a Dropbox folder ‘my project’ and then scrivener creates subfolders /draft and /notes (if you do have notes) in it. You don’t want to mess up with that structure (as you have learned). I would suggest you to sync your scrivener project with a new Dropbox folder, and delete the previously messed up Dropbox folder.

I don’t use index card, can’t help you there

Thanks - Appreciate your advise. I have done just as you have suggested and started afresh.

On a separate note - another question, why do my created folders on scrivener show up as txt files on dropbox rather than actual folders ?. Is this normal, or is it something to do with the synch settings - kindly advise.


I’m not sure if I follow completely, but are you using Scrivener’s Sync feature? Or just Dropbox file syncing?

If it is the former, Scrivener’s Sync feature does not attempt to replicate the binder structure, but just simply give you a sorted and recognizable list of files to ease up your work with individual pieces. Also, just like documents, folders can have text content too (and you may convert a folder to a file and vice versa). So the text file you’re referring to is the actual text content for that folder (or place-holder if it has no content yet).

r6d2 means to say that all this is true inside Scrivener.

Thanks for the clarification. What I was doing with dropbox was ‘folder synch’ not the complete Scrivener file, hence I did not see the full structure. THANKS. I use two Mac’s (Desktop and MacBook) plus the Plain text with my iPad.

What I am taking away from this exchange, is to use dropbox to synch the entire scrivener, to see full synch with both Mac’s (with the appropriate cautions). Plain text with iPad, only to supplement on the fly.