Dropbox M1 issues?

Ok so I’m wanting to get a new computer, with M1 chip. But I’m hearing reports that Dropbox still isn’t native and therefore is a big battery drain and otherwise problematic.

Obviously, I use Dropbox to sync with mobile.

I’m wondering if it is possible to avoid Dropbox. I see a very strong advisory against google drive… what do people suggest? Is anyone having an issue with this?

Use at your own risk, but I’m currently syncing Dropbox on both M1 and Intel Macs with Maestral, an open source Dropbox client that is universal (native to M1 and also Intel), and very lightweight compared to the official app. So far I haven’t noticed any issues.

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While it’s certainly taking a while, they claim to have a native client in the works. Dropbox Seemingly Has No Plans to Natively Support Apple Silicon Macs [Updated] - MacRumors (see update at the end of the article)


Dropbox is still the best option for syncing with mobile. For syncing between computers, Box is okay as they’ve updated their compatibility to include package-style file types, but I haven’t heard good reports on using that with mobile and Dropbox is currently the only cloud service integrated within the Scrivener iOS app.

I have Dropbox on an M1 MacBook and haven’t had any issues with it personally, but I don’t rely on battery power often and have plenty of power to spare on my machine—I should do some performance checks to verify what it’s pulling, but I haven’t noticed any issues in regular use.

I have an M1 MacBook Air, which has Dropbox, Sync, Box and also Maestral running, very often with an external SSD hooked up. I still get at least a days work on the battery.



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