dropbox mis-sync between scrivener for mac and windows

Hello, I’m not sure where to put this question, because it involves both versions of Scrivener, but the problem is with my Windows edition. I just purchased a Mac and am very happy with Scrivener. But one of my files got mis-synced with Dropbox (I accidentally opened a file on the Windows machine while it was still syncing). And now, no matter what I do, the Windows copy is always out of date, missing text files, whereas the Mac copy saves as normal. I don’t want to lose anything I’ve written, but I would like to be able to view and edit my file on my windows machine. Any thoughts, suggestions?
Thank you!

Start over.

That is, save the Mac version to a location that Dropbox can’t see. Delete the Windows version. Delete the version in Dropbox. Sync to make sure that it’s really gone.

Then copy the Mac version back into Dropbox and allow it to sync.


Thank you for the reply, unfortunately that did not work. There were enough “conflicted copy” files in my folder from mis-synced episodes that scrivener for windows was looking at one particular file. This will definitely teach me to ensure not to open while syncing!

What I did finally was to create a new empty project file on the mac and drag and drop the chapter/research folders into the new file and then synced that with dropbox. It created a new project folder that synced fine with Windows.
Thanks again for the suggestion!

The solution you found would have been my next suggestion. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re back on track!