DropBox or altenative

I use a tower at home and a Netbook in the coffee shop. My thought (just now acquiring Scrivener) is that I will put Scrivener on both computers and store my work in DropBox - getting it from DropBox wherever I am. Is this a really great idea? Alternatives?

Thank you.

Dropbox is a tricky thing. Some people do what you say without problems, others have more issues. Here’s a link to one discussion: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/seeing-dropbox-right/12597/1

What I do is use the backup feature to backup to my Dropbox folder. Then when I’m out and about, I pull that last backup onto my Netbook (in a non-dropbox directory) and work on it, then at the end, backup back to the Dropbox. I then come home and copy out the backup to my main drive again.

It’s one step less elegant than I’d like, but as much as I love my Dropbox, I don’t trust it for files I’m working on. The only problem is remembering to sync my netbook at home if the location I’m at doesn’t have Internet.

Thanks JenB. The reference is exceptional.

I’m only colaborating with myself, so your method of backup to DropBox and restore as a constant begin and end, makes a lot of sense.