Dropbox or iCloud? Have things changed?

I’m using Scrivener only between my iMac and MacBook Pro. While I have the iOS version, I never use it, so have removed the app from my iPad. I’ve been really good about QUITTING Scrivener when I’m not using it, so I haven’t gotten any sync errors. And when I do forget, Keyboard Maestro quits it for me. Yeah, I’ve been a bit paranoid about losing Scrivener files.

The Setup: My writing folder exists on Dropbox, and I have Backblaze and do TM backups every 8 hours, a CCC clone once a day.

It’s been a pain to divide various data between iCloud and Dropbox. It’d be nice to have a one drop shop, you know? Dropbox allows for three devices, and in the family there are 5.

So to keep DB, I’ll need a paid plan. Or switch to the cheaper iCloud. Buuuuut… Scrivener.

Has anything changed? If I’m ONLY using Scrivener on Mac OS, is there a SAFE way to store Scrivener files there?

Or, do I need to continue to juggle where all my stuff is?

Safe yes, convenient no. Zip (archieve) your project, copy the resulting file to iCloud, unzip it on the other machine, work with a local copy, zip… In short: not really. Yet. This is going to change in a future version, though, so there’s at least hope. It bugs a lot of people (including me).

See also: ICloud sync in future for iOS - #10 by KB

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I have using Sync,com for many years to share projects with my collaborator in China where Dropbox is blocked. We haven’t had any problems even though the company claims its not suitable for Scrivener. I think it might be a tad slower than Dropbox so the usual caveats about not being in a hurry to shut down or open a project apply—I’ve been using it so long that it is only an old impression.

Free account gives you 5GB storage, no device limits.




Thank you!

Sigh. I suppose that for now, I will have everything on iCloud except for Scrivener files which I’ll keep on Dropbox and play musical devices.

I do hope there’s a work around or fix soon!! I don’t care if it checks and sees Scrivener is open elsewhere and refuses until the first is closed.

In 2021, it’d just be nice to access my files from more than one device with a high risk of corrupted projects or playing sneaker-net with external drives (which seems to be the only other option).

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ICloud is reasonably safe for sharing between Macs. Provided that you disable the “Optimize Mac Storage” option. See this article for best practices for using Scrivener with cloud services:

Scrivener can be configured to auto-close after you’ve been away from your computer for a while. Scrivener → Preferences → General → Automatic Quit.


Note that Keith’s post concerns iOS Scrivener, while the OP’s question relates to Mac OS.

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True, but that would be a rather… interesting approach. Of course I don’t know the number of customers who need to sync their Scrivener projects between multiple iPads (or iPhones) without also any real computers involved.


If I don’t use the iOS versions at all and stick ONLY to the macOS Scrivener version and use it between JUST a MacBook Pro and an iMac… can I use iCloud?

And if so, would I still need to switch off optimization? (keeping in mind I don’t use the iOS version).

This is awesome! Thank you!

I’m not Keith, but see my post above.

“Optimize Mac Storage” is known to cause strange behavior with Scrivener projects, even if only one system is involved.

It is known to cause ‘strange behavior’ FULL STOP! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’ve been successfully using sync.com for Scrivener for over a year. I always close Scrivener on one system before I open it on another, and make sure sync is complete. I’ve never had a problem,. YMMV, of course.

Sync.com (and a couple of others) seem to work fine Mac to Mac, Mac to PC, and PC to PC provided you follow your process.

Things to stay away from - Google Drive, and on the ones that do work, any setting that optimizes local storage. Box is dubious on M1 Macs.

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Box on my M1 MBA just says “no”! I don’t even bother to try on my Intel iMac.