Dropbox problem from Mac to PC

I can’t open a saved make project from my PC. I deleted the duplicate project that people have said causes a problem and still nothing. What I get is a dialog box and then a new project file sometimes opens.

Cannot access… Then ……name of drive Project name etc…… Scrivener.scriv.zip/name of project scrivener.scrivx

File is not writable: Access is denied
Auto-saves needs write permission to your project

I tried from Dropbox and from Dropbox on my harddrive. When I tried to from Scrivener non of the files showed up in the Dropbox folder.

Any ideas ?


To be clear, it sounds like you are trying to load the project straight out of a zip archive, and that won’t work because you can’t write to a zip archive—hence the warning that you can’t open a project in a read-only environment. Have you tried copying the “my project.scriv” folder out of the Zip and to your Desktop so that it can be worked on?

Thanks AmberV…I just had to unzipp all and there it was… thanks again