Dropbox setup PC Version Help Needed

Hi All,

I am no computer expert but have a reasonable level of competence and am looking for a step by step guide for setting up a Scrivener Project auto save in Dropbox so as to be able to use multiple computers for the one project. I have tried to research how to do this with no success. (A lot of Mac instructions not PC). If anyone could help with a link or the actual instructions I would be very grateful!

Edit: I misunderstood your use of ‘auto save’, so see rdale’s comment below.

The first step is to properly install Dropbox on each computer so that it has a location in the Explorer navigation pane and it shows its icon in the system tray at the bottom of your screen(s). -deleted comment-

Do you have Dropbox properly installed on each computer? If not, first go find the installation instructions and follow those. - deleted comment-

I would recommend against naming it that… “Backups” are a different beast from syncing a project for editing on multiple machines. Don’t try to use the automatic backups generated via the settings in Tools->Options->Backup for the purpose of editing a project on different computers.

Instead, once you’ve installed the dropbox software and configured it for your dropbox account (learn more about doing that at dropbox.com), you can just move any existing project(s) to the “Dropbox” folder created during the installation of their software. When creating new Scrivener projects, you can just direct it to save the project in that folder.

Finally, you should read up on the “Scrivener Everywhere” section 13.2 of the manual (under the Help menu).

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.