Dropbox sync crashes when iPad changes rotation during sync

I’ve had this in the Scrivener app for a long time, and it’s still not solved in the latest release, even if sync now doesn’t crash in normal circumstances anymore. But if you change the iPad rotation in the middle of a sync, you see it change direction but half of the screen black (like it changes rotation But doesn’t adjust the screen correctly), and then a bit later it crashes.

Happening on an iPad Pro 11” 2018 with iOS 13.5.1, but I had it with a lot of iOS versions before.

Could it be solved?

Why not simply wait for the sync to finish before doing anything else?

Yes, but this forum is the BUG HUNT section right? Where one reports bugs?

Because Scrivener should not be such a delicate flower of an application that a butterfly passing gas causes it to crash, lunk. What you have suggested is a workaround, not a bug fix. The OP reported a legitimate bug – and as is the case with all bugs, even if there is an easy workaround, it still needs to be reported and looked into lest it be the tip of an iceberg.

I didn’t reply to Sidderke’s bug report, but the question from Ricardopq, asking after two months if it’s been fixed. Probably not, if they are still seeing it.
I simply didn’t understand the urge to rotate during sync. The thought never occurred to me.

You not understanding a behavior does not mean that behavior is invalid. According to the Principle of Least Surprise, rotating and otherwise handling the device while it is busy performing actions that aren’t relevant to that action shouldn’t cause interference. I mean, you fire up a sync and then go to set the iPad down – and something triggers its rotation detection as you’re placing it. That shouldn’t nuke your sync job.

I guess my surprise was triggered by the fact that I never expect any app or computer to work without errors, a view that was probably formed by my first experiences using computers as a teenager, back in the mid-1970s. I usually view occasional errors and mishappenings as something natural, not really a bug. We used to joke about things being caused by too old current in the electric power supply.

It’s like when I had a serious problem with a PC way back in time. The very experienced IT guy who came to fix it told me to take a long coffee break while he fixed it. When he was done, I asked him what he’d done.
“I used a special trick, which I can’t reveal,” he answered.
I kept asking, and he finally admitted that he’d simply re-booted the PC. But so had I, at least twice. So there must have been something more?
Well, when he couldn’t find anything wrong, he simply kept re-booting, and when he’d done so 8-10 times, everything suddenly started to work as expected.

That specific PC never had any major problems during the rest of its life span.

Dropbox sync on my iPad and iPhone crashes every time I try to sync.