DropBox sync issue ... again?

After today’s DropBox update for iOs, the synchronization on my iPadPro 2019 hangs in an endless loop. Is anyone else making the same observation?

On my iPhone 8 plus it works fine. I unfortunately can not test on my iPad Pro for the moment, because I just put it back to factory settings to bring it in for a repair - I just saw your message too late.

(with the previous issue, it also worked on the iPhone 8 Plus but not on the iPad Pro)

Did you try force restarting your iPad Pro and try again?

Thank you very much for your answer. I did reset the iPad this morning, reinstalled Scrivener and the Dropbox, and it worked again. However, the synchronization took a comparatively long time - but now everything is fine again. Very strange this is. 8) Maybe it was a glitch in the matrix. 8)

This is odd. I recently discovered that the dropbox iOS app is not needed for Scrivener syncing. All of the programming needed to sync iOS Scrivener with Dropbox’s servers is built-in. I have uninstalled the dropbox app from my iPhone and de-authorized the iPhone as a device, freeing up that slot for another computer (I’m using the free dropbox account–limit 3 authorized devices).

Scrivener counts as an authenticated App, and there appears to be no limit on the free Dropbox accounts for how many apps are authorized with dropbox, so this works quite well.

It’s still possible (but I’d think unlikely) that the dropbox app update interfered with iOS Scrivener on your device, but I thought I’d share the fact that if you don’t need their app, it’s not needed to make syncing with iOS Scrivener work.

Although the change in the app might have been tied to a change in their server, which could affect syncing.


Your phrasing/emphasis implies disagreement or a correction, but we seem to be saying the same thing in different ways.
“It’s still possible … the dropbox app update interfered…” =~ " … the change in the app… could affect…"

I wonder if it’s down to how the (British?) phrasing, “X is different to Y,” seems very odd to me as an American who would say “X is different from Y”. Or how some people say “This cake is very good, HOWEVER you also decorated it with great skill,” where I feel like the sentenced needed an “and” to telegraph that the second half of the statement agrees with the first, even before it’s uttered/read.

Language is funny.

@rdale Well, I’m English, and in my late sixties, and I think my mother would have hit me if I had dared to say anything other than “different from”. She was very particular about that piece of usage. It is the one that is sanctioned in my copy of the Oxford Dictionary. I can’t remember if Gowers mentions it.