Dropbox Sync stopped working out of the blue!?

Hi there,
Since yesterday my projects wont sync anymore from dropbox :frowning:
To my knowledge I didn’t change anything (except maybe of a recent iOS update to the latest version)
Scrivener doesn’t mark projects in the list as changed. If i hit the Sync button, the wheel on the db-sync page in Scrivener keeps spinning forever.
Tried to restart the phone, to unlink and relink dropbox, no success.
Dropbox itself works without any problems on my iPhone. (iPhone 13 Pro, iOS 17.4, latest Scrivener App version)
Am I the sole poor guy with this problem?
Thank you.

Take a look at Quick Troubleshooting for iOS Syncing / iOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support


I flicked that switch and now it is syncing all these 10.000s of files :smiley:
Never needed this in the last 5 years i have been using the app.
Thanks a lot!

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