Dropbox Synch Failure

Hi. Anyone out there have experience of Dropbox failing to synch between iPhone (14) and iPad (Pro 12.9 2018 model)? And if so is there a solution?
Many thanks, Neshiah474 :pray:t3:

In what way does it fail to sync? An error from one or both devices? Claims to sync but the changes don’t show up in the other side? Something else?

The issue is the]at there is no informational transfer. I write on my iPhone and that’s were it stays. The iPhone is definitely linked to the account. Tapping the synch button does nothing. Information does not transfer to PC Dropbox. There’s a loading bar and a message informs that Dropbox is up to date - which it isn’t.
Thanks for responding :pray:t3:

Please create a test project on the iPhone, synchronize, and use a browser to check your account at Dropbox.com. If the project appears there, then the issue lies between Dropbox and the PC.

Thank you for the clear instructions. The issue is sorted :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3: