Dropbox syncing - files missing

I am using Scrivener on my Windows 10 PC and my iPad Pro.
I sync all my Scrivener projects to a specific folder in Dropbox.
Dropbox successfully syncs across all my various devices including other computers and iOS devices.
However when I open Scrivener on my iPad Pro it only shows 3 (out of 14) files under the Dropbox category on the left.

Despite repeated attempts I cannot get Scrivener to sync my latest files from Dropbox or update the list. There is a specific project I am trying to open on my iPad and I can see it in Dropbox’s own app and under Apple’s Files app. When I tap on the project in the Dropbox app it shows up on the right with just the ‘activity wheel’ spinning away forever.

I have checked everywhere I can, including the support topic Dropbox Syncing with iOS but can’t seem to find a solution to this problem.

Can anyone please help me?

Is it possible that you have two dropbox accounts, and the ipad pro is syncing to that other account with 3 of your projects on it?

Are you sure your iPad is looking at the same Dropbox folder as the other devices? That you set it up exactly the same?

No, just the one account.

Yes, the Dropbox folder is the same on all devices.

However, your question did cause me to check the Sync with External Folder setting on my desktop (Windows 10) version of Scrivener. The Shared Folder setting is blank but , under Options, the Sync the contents of the Draft folder option is ticked. Is this correct?

It only served to confuse me more because these settings are the same on a project that hasn’t been synced to my iOS devices as well as one that has.

Appreciate your suggestion.

You shouldn’t use Sync with external folder if you use iOS Scrivener.

Read chapter 12 and chapter 13 in the Win Scrivener manual. It will confirm settings to use (and not use) for iOS syncing.

Thank you so much. I’ve just seen your post (apologies for the delay) and checked out the manual. Long story short, it worked! I now have full sync of Scrivener projects across my computer and iOS platforms. All is suddenly right with the world. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it’s working for you now! :smiley:

Thanks again for your help getting Scrivener on my iPad syncing with Dropbox. Could I prevail on you to offer similar advice on my Mac version?

Same problem. Able to open sync folder in Dropbox but not showing recent files.

I haven’t used macOS Scrivener for a while, hence I am still using v2.8, but I need to get it running for a new project. This will entail syncing Scrivener documents across all three of my devices (PC, Mac and iOS). I tried checking the manual for help, like you suggested for iOS, but can only find a manual for Scrivener v3 and above for the Mac.

I am planning on upgrading to v3 but don’t want to go to the expense of doing that if I can’t get the sync to work.

Any help on where I could find the information I need would be appreciated.

Many thanks…

Have you installed the Dropbox app on your Mac, and have you started it and ticked it to start when you start your Mac?

Thank you, problem solved! I thought I had the Dropbox app on my Mac but it only opened in my browser, hence couldn’t be set as a startup. I downloaded the ‘official’ Dropbox app and suddenly all those inaccessible Scrivener docs were accessible once more. :smiley:

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.