Dropbox Syncing Issues


Apologies if this has been asked in multiple forms before, but I can’t find much of anything on my particular issue. I’ve been using Scrivener for Windows (the relatively latest version though it might be a few months behind) with Dropbox for about a year now without issues. I practice good saving/syncing hygiene and I basically use it to go between my PC and an iPad I write on sometimes.

  • I always make sure to sync before opening any Scrivener files, no matter the platform.
  • I always wait to shut down/sleep my PC until I see the green checkmark on Dropbox.
  • I haven’t changed any file names or done anything weird lately.
  • The only recent change is that I did start working in a new project a few days ago, but that project has synced without issue before, as I made it last year before I ever really wrote in it.

Now, however, Dropbox is refusing to sync my files, and I’m a little terrified to mess with much of anything given how finnicky I’ve been told Scrivener and syncing is. It says:

  • Indexing 27 files…
  • Uploading “ui.ini.lock”…

No idea what the UI file is, but it’s been hours and I’ve seen no progress. I’ve tried:

  • Turning Dropbox off and on.
  • Pausing the sync and resuming it.

Neither of these have changed anything, and I’m afraid to tweak much else. I don’t think I’m even running the most recent version of Dropbox since I have an aversion to updates when they come to file integrity. Anyway, any suggestions or solutions? Really worried about messing with it and hoped I could find some help here. Thank you for your time.

From what you say it appears it is Dropbox not working, perhaps start you troubleshooting with information published by Dropbox.

I also on one or two occasions received good support directly from. Give that a try if necessary.

Also, it is really up to you about taking on upgrades, but perhaps you can occasionally reconsider.


After messing around with this some more and taking out the troublesome file (fortunately this is a relatively new one and I’ve written very little on it), I’ve discovered that a totally unrelated file ALSO hangs on the * Uploading “ui.ini.lock”… portion.

This seems to me like a bug of some sort? Can any of the devs tell me what that file is responsible for? Maybe a setting tweak might help get Dropbox moving again.

Is Scrivener running while you’re doing this? The ui.ini.lock file is part of how Scrivener tells if a project is open, so it will be one of the first files opened and one of the last ones closed. If Scrivener is closed, it’s safe to delete it manually, but it will recreate itself whenever the program starts.

From Dropbox’s point of view, it should be just a text (well, XML) file with a funny extension.

Scrivener was running, yes. I’ve never had a problem with Dropbox syncing while Scrivener was running before, so this was a new issue. Fortunately after I closed Scrivener it synced just fine. I was so worried about losing my work that I didn’t want to do it initially. Thank you for the help!