Dropbox v iCloud

I’ve only been using the app for a couple of weeks , but am I right in thinking that it only syncs with Dropbox? You only get 2GB for free, then it’s £9.99pm for 2TB! iCloud is 5GB but the next step is 50GB for just £0.79pm. It’s a shame if it won’t sync to iCloud as I would never need more than 50GB.


Is 2GB really that limiting for your writing with Scrivener? That is a lot of space!

My experience: Dropbox just works. Apple iCloud: unreliable and it only syncs when it feels like it. Some report success. Fine. Just I have writing to focus on, not sync failures.

Thanks for the reply.

No, it’s not limiting but who knows further down the line. I suppose I just find it jarring that Dropbox goes from 2GB to 2TB in one go. Sort of like saying here’s a Kindle Fire, if you want anything better, you have to buy an iPad Pro.

yep. but they are in business and too many resources on free accounts is not good for business.

i recommend you just go with Dropbox till it does not meet your needs. by then the community here or the app will have ideas.

if i could tell the future i would not be wasting time here :wink:

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Well yes, but I’m not asking for free. Just thought there could be an option in between. £2.99 for 100GB for example.

yes that would be nice but not available. business decision.

This would be a question for Dropbox support. We have no control over their business decisions.

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Absolutely, that was sort of my point.

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Oh, I know. I wasn’t questioning Scrivener on that. I was just asking about being able to sync with icloud as Dropbox seems to be the only option on the iOS app.

Not a biggie anyway.

I know you’ve posted to the iOS forum, but just to double-check that you are using Scrivener on multiple iOS devices or an iOS device and a Mac or Windows machine?

The iOS version of Scrivener needs Dropbox for syncing. But if you’re only using Macs, iCloud works fine.


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I use it on iMac, iPhone, and iPad.

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Dropbox it is then. Good luck.



Yes, but it’s a free Kindle Fire. :nerd_face:

What kind of writing are you going to do with Scrivener? Do you plan on importing a ton of images or video into your projects? Or will it mostly be text?

If your projects will mostly be text, and you manage your storage wisely, than it’s unlikely you’ll ever hit the 2GB storage limitation.

To manage your Dropbox storage, I recommend:

  • Don’t store your zipped backups on Dropbox. Store them locally or on another cloud service. (It would be bad practice anyway to keep your zipped backups AND your live projects on Dropbox, as that is a “keeping all your eggs in one basket” situation.)
  • Only store Scrivener projects on Dropbox. Store your non-Scrivener files locally or on another cloud service.
  • Only store ACTIVE Scrivener projects on Dropbox. Archive your inactive projects locally or on another cloud service.

It’s worth it to me to go to the trouble of managing my Dropbox storage as above, because Dropbox just works. It works so well that if I had to pay for it I most definitely would, but since I manage my storage (and don’t import images into my projects) I don’t have to pay for it. :sunglasses:


Keith has commented on the future of iCloud compatibility here.

Very important post by Keith … way to put it into FAQ or somewhere for when this issue of not wanting to use Dropbox (for reasons I don’t get, frankly) and instead prefer to use a non-working Apple service. Just a thought.

Aside from issues with lost or corrupted data and the service being slow and unreliable at times, Dropbox simply isn’t secure or private.


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“Secure” against what threats? There are plenty of services that I’d be willing to use for my own novel that I wouldn’t recommend to political journalists living under repressive regimes.


Indeed, users are free to choose. I am not against people using whatever they want to use. But I need security (integrity and reliability), so I don’t use Dropbox.


Yes, if you’re using iOS Scrivener. Other cloud services can be used between desktops, but I think only Dropbox has error-checking built into Scrivener.

@JimRac Yeah, it’s unlikely I’ll reach the 2GB as my Scriv files average 3MB. As I said, it just jars that it goes straight from 2GB to 2TG, and who knows what I may want to store further down the line.

@SWM Too much scaremongering on the internet these days.

@kewms Agreed

@drmajorbob Thanks