I’ve been using Dropbox so I can write on my laptop and desktop without worrying about syncing the files.

After losing quite a bit of work from the Ver 22 bug I started doing snapshots on a regular basis. But when I go to the snapshot list I only see the snapshots I’ve seen on that one particular PC. The files are still in place on the hard drive, but since they’re named with numbers it would be difficult to find the correct one if I needed to do an update.

Is there any way to make all the snapshots available from within the program on both PCs?

Snapshots aren’t the only issue. Words added to the dictionary and default settings don’t come over either. These are a more minor issue, but are an annoyance.

Snapshots should be getting synced along with everything else in the project, that is where they are stored, as you found. I can understand why the settings and custom dictionary do not sync via Dropbox though, as you would need to somehow get Dropbox to see those files. I’m not precisely sure how to do this on Windows, but there might be a way to link to a file from Dropbox so that it can stay in the right place, but still get updated on both computers. You might want to check out the Dropbox forums for a solution there, unless someone more knowledgeable comes along here.

So on the snapshot problem, when you say you can’t see the ones you have on the other PC, do you mean that if you took Snapshot X on Computer 1, and Snapshot Y on Computer 2, when you are setting at 1, you cannot see 2, and vice versa—or is just going one way—Computer 1 can see X & Y, but Computer 2 can only see Y? Sorry, I didn’t mean to turn that into a logic puzzle. :slight_smile: Hopefully it made sense.

Snapshots taken on Computer A are listed, in the program, on computer A, but not on Computer B.
Snapshots taken on computer B are listed, in the program, on computer B, but not on Computer A.

The files are there, it’s just the links that aren’t.

On anther note, what is the name of the dictionary file, and where is it located? Can it be edited? I did a “learn” on a misspelling and can’t figure out how to undo the mistake.

Okay, it could be that the index.xml files within the individual snapshot folders need to have their names checked. Dropbox might have become confused at some point and produced duplicates. On the primary machine, the index file will have the same name, but on the incoming conflicted copy, it will have another filename which Scrivener isn’t looking for—thus, it only reads in the old snapshots from that computer. This would be the same in inverse too, only on the second machine it would only see the other file—the one that got renamed on the first machine’s computer.

To resolve this, if you don’t mind wading into a simple XML file, you could open them both up in a text editor and do your best to merge the results. The important bits are the datestamp, which must match the filename, and the name of the snapshot. These are both paired into a element. Both files should each contain two pieces of the puzzle, so copy and paste will probably be all you need to patch things up.

Hopefully you don’t have a lot of them though. To avoid this kind of problem in the future, make sure to follow the guidelines put forth in the Scrivener Everywhere section of the Cloud Integration and Sharing chapter of the manual. There are a few simple things you can do to avoid this file conflict problem occurring in the future.

On the dictionary file, if all you want to do is edit the memorised word list, load up Options, click on the Auto-Correction tab, and click the View Personal Word List button. You can add and remove words using a dialogue box.

I discovered the problem - it was me. I didn’t understand how shapshots worked, and didn’t realize the only ones you saw were for the document you were in. I had only saved a few, from the same document, and saw all of them when I checked. Later, when I was making more use of the feature, it thought I was missing them.


Ah ha, okay! Glad to hear it was less complicated than what I feared. Yup, this feature is for individual items, not the whole project. If you want to make a backup of the whole project you can use the File/Backup Project To... command.

I ran into a problem with that too, but want to test it some more before I report it. When I said “back up to zip” the zip file was corrupted and couldn’t be unzipped. It happened twice, but I’m going to do it more carefully and see if I can make it happen again.

There is a known bug with using backup to zip, so for now just use the backup feature without ticking the “Backup as ZIP file” option. If you need a zip, you can use Windows Explorer to “Send to compressed folder”.

Good to know. Where can I find a current bug list?

Er, there’s not one at the moment, though it’s something I’ll be working on getting together. For now, just searching the Bug Hunt forum is the best way to find out what users have reported and the responses–I’m reading them and making sure Lee’s kept posted about bugs that crop up, so for the moment assume if it’s a 023 beta bug report it’s known, and then if I don’t get it on the list just remind me. And if you have any additional information to add to any bugs already reported, please do tack that onto the standing reports, as every little bit can help make Lee’s job a lot easier.