Dual cloud storage solutions?

tl;dr version: I would like to use one cloud system as primary storage (as opposed to local) and another as backup.

Longer version:
ok, I’m probably one of the weird ones - I use Scrivener on a Mac, PC, and iPad (and sometimes an iPhone). It’s not because I take perverse delight in using several different underlying operating systems, it’s really more of a matter of opportunity. I’m always certain to be in arm’s reach of one of those systems, but not all at the same time.

So, ideally, I would like to use cloud storage for both my original .scriv files AND my backup files. If I use dropbox for both, Scrivener (properly) tells me that’s an incredibly bad idea. So I need to use two systems, rather than dropbox + local storage (I’ve lost work that way. I’m not sure why and I’m not blaming Scrivener, I just want to have a “cloud duality”). Because I use IOS, my impression is that Dropbox is the only cloud system I can use for my original work, but I want to designate an alternate endpoint for my backups (I have plenty of storage on iCloud, Google Drive, and OneDrive as my backup cloud destination). Is this doable or an unwise decision?

Set your Scriv backups to use the zip option, then point the Scriv backup location to your chosen clouded space. I have Scriv set to backup on project close on my desktops, so this happens regularly.

I would strongly recommend that you have your own external-drive backup system for one of these machines. Time-machine backups, for example which have the advantage of being dynamically cumulative.


Absolutely doable! Your active .scrivs must be on Dropbox if you want the easiest way to sync automatically with iOS/iPadOS devices. But your backups from Mac and PC are best zipped with the date included in the name but can be stored on any of your other three cloud services. If you do store them all on one cloud service, I’d raise the number kept to 25—which is not a bad idea in any case.

Especially, if your projects are big, running into hundreds of megabytes, I would store the Mac backups to iCloud and the PC backups to OneDrive to maximise available space and security.



PS My set-up

I don’t use the iOS/iPadOS version any more.

Doing the Mac and PC backups to different cloud services — what a great idea!

This is pretty clever. Thanks for the suggestion!

BTW, I know folks have talked about backing stuff up. I have a 5Tb file server in my home that is a near real-time reflection of iCloud, Dropbox, and OneDrive (it pulls new changes to the local file server)

It doesn’t say any such thing. It complains if you put both in the same folder. You can put projects in one Dropbox folder, backups in another Dropbox folder, and there will be no complaint.

You can even ignore the complaint with no repercussions, I suspect.

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Agree with multi paths backup. I use dropbox and zip files to this to shuffle between pc and windows labtops at different locations.
I also have carbonite that backs up pc computer automatically and continously including drop box folder. For 60 a year computer data safe from hard drive failure/ssd and outside fire/electical burnout. But this also covers 30 years of music and digital pics as well. No limits to storage amount for one computer. Worked well when hard drive crapped out, recovered everything.