Dual Dialogue

If this is a repeat - I apologize but I couldn’t find a solution to this… I’d like to be able to have characters talk at the same time in screenwriting mode. Is this possible?

From the manual it appears you can do this, though the effect will only appear in the compiled output — you won’t actually see the side by side dialogue as you type.

All you need to do is to type both bit so dialogue, then select them all (including the character names) and choose Format > Preserve Formatting. The dialogue will be formatted side by side when you compile to a relevant output format.

This is what it says in the manual (S19.1.4).


I did try this but it ended up screwing up my formatting in the entire document… I had to remove it.

Well, the basic principle works (I’ve just tested it). Sounds like there’s something specific to your project. Probably best to get in touch with Support directly.