Dual Monitors

Is there a way to make a document in scrivener appear in a separate window so I can read a document on one monitor and have the document I’m editing on a separate monitor?

I searched the manual but couldn’t find anything indicated dual monitor support.


How would this be different from having two projects open?
Do you mean popping out one of the editor screens and moving it to the other monitor?



At the moment there’s not dual monitor support, although this is something that will be coming post 1.0. I believe then there will be an option to have a document open in full screen mode on one monitor while the regular project window is open on the other, which should essentially give you what you want. Later, probably come 2.0, there will also be added the ability to open documents in a separate floating widow, and you should then be able to drag these over to the second monitor if you wish, or leave them floating on your main screen while you still have both editor splits available for other documents.