Duplicate files on docx compile, one with errors

All of a sudden when I export to docx I get two files created. One has the name I’ve given the file (e.g. NWoP – Step 1 – draft 1.0.docx) and the other has three questions marks added where my hyphens are (e.g. NWoP ??? Step 1 ??? draft 1.0.docx). Of these, the second is complete, while the first includes the comments inline and doesn’t include all formatting.

I don’t recall a recent update to Scrivener, so not sure what might have changed. Any thoughts welcome. Perhaps it’s a javascript thing?

Java, not Javascript, but a good guess. :slight_smile: Here is an article from the knowledge base, detailing the problem and how to fix it.

Perfect! Thanks AmberV. Should have looked at the knowledge base first. :blush: