Duplicating Projects?

so my book project has gotten very unwieldly with lots of duplicated text files and old files and what not. So i thought initially that i would create a new project and copy files i wanted to the new one. but i learned that all the custom metadata like the dates and what not have not been carried over.

so my idea is it to duplicate the current project, and then delete the stuff that is extra and unneeded. however can’t seem to find the best way to do that and if indeed the project duplication will carry over the data.

Any thoughts?


Best way to duplicate a project is with either the Save As or Backup To command.

Save As continues work in the new project. Backup To creates the backup in the location you specify and continues in the original project. For this specific use, it doesn’t matter which you use, but in either case I’d recommend giving the new copy a unique name to make it easy to tell them apart.

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ah yes, that makes sense!

Duplicating the project file right in Finder is also a good way. The project just needs to NOT be open in Scrivener when you use this technique.

Thank you! I used Save As. So easy.