Duplicating Research Folder

I’m trying to create a template that’s functional for my own style of research/writing. I’d like to be able to create more than just the Draft/Research/Trash folders in the binder. I’ve tried everything. Clicking the green (create) plus button. Right-clicking the research folder and duplicating. File, new and folder. Nothing works. It only wants to add sub-documents to the existing three folders in lieu of creating a new master folder. I’ve watched the video tutorial, and I’ve read the beta tutorial. At the moment I couldn’t feel more stupid. Is it the beta thwarting me? Is it a bug? It the answer hiding in plain sight? Any help would be appreciated.

Alright, so I figured it out. But it wasn’t intuitive and frankly was frustrating as hell. I created a subfolder in the research section. Then I drug that folder onto the an empty space on the binder and voila I’ve got a new master folder. Wondering if I should slip this into the bug section? Seems to me there should be a way to create a master folder in the binder without having to rake the inside of your skull for over an hour.

It’s actually quite easy to make a new (master)folder. Just click on the big plus and be sure no folders are selected (draft, research or subfolder). Done!

Would be cool if in the final version we could select customizable icons to delineate folders :slight_smile: 8)

I believe that’s now available for Mac 2.0 users so should be in the pipeline for Windows but probably not for the Windows release next year.