dynamic collection


I did a search based on a “label” titled scenes, I then selected those item and created a new collection, and titled it Scene Test order and have begun reordering the items in that binder collection. The problem I am having is that in the main binder I am at times creating new text and giving it the same scene label and I am wondering if there is a way to have my Scene Test Order collection dynamically update and add these new text pages labeled scene at the top or bottom of the list. I know I can drag manually drag newly label items into my scene collection, but I don’t always remember to do this and so sometimes I have to go back and redo the search, to confirm that, yes I do now have more scenes in the new search and then try to manual find what is missing but this is at times a very slow process.

thanks for any suggestions if I am missing a better approach to workflow


There’s no way to dynamically populate a static collection, but you could try this, if you have the patience to implement it…

  1. Create a new custom meta-data field and call it “reorder” or whatever you like
  2. Select the search-based collection and then select all of the documents in it
  3. Enter outline mode in the editor
  4. In the “reorder” metadata field, number the scenes as they are, starting with 010, 020, … 100, 110, etc…
  5. Click the “reorder” metadata field’s header so it sorts the outline view of the collection by that column
  6. Change the values of the metadata values to reorder the scenes, using values between existing adjacent scenes (ex: enter 95 in one document’s metadata field to put it between 90 and 100), or enter a number for scenes that haven’t been part of the collection before.
  7. To read your collection in the new order, select one document in the outline, then CMD-a to select them all; switch to the other editor and enter Scrivenings mode if it’s not set that way already.

Not as simple as just dragging and dropping, but on the plus side, you can have multiple “reorder” metadata fields to try different arrangements while preserving others.

thanks, that’s a great suggestion, just numbered 30 of my scenes and it works quite well in that now when I do a new search by scene I can quickly see scenes that have not been ordered and I love the idea of being able to switch between orders in one outline with one click with the use of the multiple custom fields. All this is a big help. So again really appreciate the suggestion.

Hopefully this workflow holds up over the long haul.

Been editing film in FCPX and I love the ways you can create live smart collections of clips that dynamically update, based on custom rules, guess I was hoping some of this was in scrivener.

I’m glad my idea had merit. Happy Scrivening!