Dynamic E.S. not working for me

Listed in the b2 ReadMe:

Perhaps I do not understand what this means, but I cannot get this to work. I presume that it can only work when there is an active split, or the editor has been locked, as there would otherwise be no way to manipulate items in the Binder without destroying the E.S. session. I’ve been using the split method, since I pretty much always have one open anyway. Moving focus to the non-E.S. split, I’ll attempt to re-arrange, add, and remove documents from the currently edited group but the session never changes. The only dynamic aspects are those initiated from inside the E.S. side such as a splitting and creating a new document.

Interesting… I can’t remember doing this, either. :slight_smile: I think I may have copied this across from “to do” to “done” by mistake, after adding the ability to add documents whilst the E.S. has focus. I’ll look into it, because this is the desired behaviour.