Dynamic Web Page?

On the Mac version of Scrivener is it possible to view a website from within Scrivener as a dynamic webpage? If so how would I do it? When I click on Import>Webpage it just has options to put url and title.

I’d love to not have to switch between Scrivener and internet site and just stay in Scrivener.

Thanks, Laverdiere

While DevonThink has this ability, I do not think this is a feature of Scrivener. I assume you want you are working with a webpage as source material of some kind? If that’s the case, wouldn’t you rather have a fixed version of that source, a snapshot if you will, for your records? (Some citation practices, in fact, have the date and time of browsing/capture as part of the citation.)

I would like a fixed source but it’s not just one page but the whole site (it’s a book). when I click on a link (to go to part of the book) it takes me out of scrivener and into safari…I would like to stay in scrivner and use the split window.

No, because I’d need to built a mini-browser into Scrivener for that, one that deals with all the pitfalls of browsing that a regular browser needs, and that is really outside of the scope of Scrivener, I’m afraid. The idea is simply that you bring in single web pages, sorry.

All the best,

OK thanks. I’ll see if I can find a work around for me. Perhaps import the book in another format.

I use Chrome instead of Safari as a default browser.
To save a web page in Scrivener, I drag the URl to the Research folder
The first page is visible; click on the blue lower-frame link
And Chrome swiftly loads the site, with all links ready to work
Yes, it’s a separate window but not inconvenient
Even on a laptop screen.
For me, the key is Chrome, a much faster/better browser than Safari.