Dynamic Word Frequency

I’ve read through the Forum’s threads on word frequency, and would like to offer this suggestion.

I too find myself repeating words once they are stuck in my head, ‘sometimes’, or ‘stood’; not spectacular words, but very conspicuous when repeated three or more times in a dozen lines of text. It would help me immensely if (with the exclusion of a default, but editable, list of words) repetitious adjectives, nouns & verbs were highlighted as I wrote, within perhaps a region of 200 words. That way I’d spot the pesky irritants as I went along.

I’ve been using Scrivener for at least five years, most days, and am delighted by its stability and usability. Good work team!

I use the iOS version of Grammarly for this. It functions as an additional keyboard you can invoke and then press a G icon whereafter it checks the text in the current editor. I think it checks for word frequency as well.