e5: Keyword < Text not clear

Hello, I am enjoying the tutorial! Nice work :slight_smile:

I found this to be confusing @ [e5: Keyword] step… check the highlighted text in the photo attacheted

It says (the black box with the key inside it) I can not see that black box, or maybe I missed a step.

Let me know if I missed a step or something.


It means this button…

Thanks, :smiley: but why do I see it grey?
Screen Shot 2012-09-11 at 10.49.40 PM.png

no, no! look up!

Duh! … Thanks man…

Yes, it’s in your screenshot at the top. The text says, “Open that now by clicking on the “Keywords” button in the toolbar (the black box with the key inside it)” - the toolbar is the standard Mac name for the grey bar at the top of a window with icons in it.

Oops, looks like you’ve found it! :slight_smile: