Easy ? - How many index cards can we have

This should be a quick and easy question. So far I can’t find it.

I’m wondering if there is a limit to the number of index cards we can have in a file?

I’m thinking the answer is no limit except for the actual size of the file but I’d like to confirm that before I start a new project. I’m thinking Scrivener would be a good way for me to store my quote collection since I can tag and flag them and make them so much easier to find when I need them.

Thanks in advance!

You shouldn’t run into any issues for something like that. I’m not sure what kind of scale you are talking about, but if you have thousands of quotes you may want to split things up into folders in the Binder—perhaps an A-Z register would do. There is no problem storing all of that, but loading so many graphical entities at once in Corkboard view mode would be a bit taxing for most computers.

Thanks, Amber. I hadn’t thought about the loading of the cards, yeah, that could be tough. I’ll ponder my system a bit more.

Thousands, yes, thousands of them.

Well I’d put it this way, you aren’t going to hurt anything, or run into any walls. You will probably just notice a gradual slowing down when clicking on the whole folder. Once it gets to the point where it is a bother to look at it, you can do an A-L / M-Z split, and just keep on splitting as time goes by and the folders get too big. It doesn’t need to be something you worry too much over right off the top is what I’m saying. And if your computer is newer it may not even become an issue.

If you use Scrivener as a repository for thousands of documents, as I do, there will be times when you jam up on a search. If the project index isn’t current, you’ll find out the hard way, at the moment of need. A way to request background indexing, and an indicator of its completeness, would be worthwhile enhancements for someday.

That’s a good point, there is currently a bug we are tracking whereby the search index file is not properly written to the disk, or used when searching, and the software will instead start opening and closing each file on the disk to build a search index in RAM. With thousands of files that is a lot of disk activity and can cause a significant pause.