Easy MMD tables

If there’s one thing that annoys me about MMD it’s the typing of tables. Maybe it’s that my touch-typing doesn’t readily encompass the | symbol, I don’t know, but I find them a touch clunky to set up.

Brett Terpstra clearly feels the same way, as he has added a new service to his Markdown Service Tools which will create a standard MMD table from a simple comma separated one. You can get the specification and download the service here, along with all other other pieces: brettterpstra.com/2016/07/27/csv … wn-tables/

Using the service turns:

==My easy table


|  h1   |  h2   |  h3   |  h4   |
| :---- | :---- | ----: | :---: |
| one   | two   | three | four  |
| five         ||   six | seven |
[My easy table]

I can then add a label, if I want, but otherwise it is ready to go.

What’s not to like?

Cool, thanks for the link. Also super cool to read Brett is back on working on BitWriter (nvAlt being one of my most used apps).

For those who want a visual interface to making MD tables, this is also very helpful:


Very nice tool! Thanks for posting it.

By the way, Scrivener may have an interesting trick or two up its sleeve for this in the future. :wink:

oooooooh, sounds delicious!!!

+1 to that oooooh