Easy, on-screen total word count?

I’ve looked at the Tutorial and the forum, but I can’t find an answer to this. Maybe I’m missing something. Anyway,

I know I can use Project Statistics to get a total word count, but I’d really like this on-screen. If I click “Draft” in the sidebar, it says “7 items”, but no total word count.

I can see that each document has a word count, but that’s not nearly so interesting to me as total word count.

Is there someway to tell the footer to show total word count?

Hi ponch,

yes, an »edit scrivenings« session will give you the total word count at the bottom of the screen.

Hope that helps,


Alternatively, you can use View|Statistics|Show Project Targets, if you have a place to park the window on your screen.

Great! The floating window of stats seems to work well. And it even stays put in fullscreen mode. (Still, I would love it in the footer bar!).

Yet another reason I should peruse the forums more often…

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