Easy template for professional-looking ebook?

So I want to publish an e-book.

I’ve seen some of the Scrivener formatting guides for e-books out there – but here’s the catch. I’m aesthetically tone deaf. I’m terrible with fonts, layouts, styles, etc.

Are there any templates out there that include:
-all the chapter heading and font styles in a way that would look good (even if it looks “uncreative” – as it looks professional)
-all the front matter like the copyright page, etc.
-all the compile options set correct

and so on?

I just want to be able to plug in the text and have it put out something that looks good.

Any leads? Thanks.

Strange…such an excellent question that gets no response from the community or the moderators. I’m sure that if there’s a good answer (or someone’s working on one) there are a lot of us who’d be interested…and grateful.

Wish I could assist with the answer.

It’s a complicated answer. It involves such things as:

  • What is the format of your book, Parts, Chapters, etc.?
  • Do you care about how structure your writing in the binder or are you happy to do it “the Pigfender way”?
  • You say “publish”, but publish where? Different sites have different requirements.
  • What version of Scriv are you using (mac or Windows)?

As part of the nest NiaD I intend to update my own template and provide compile settings for both Mac and Windows, but that’s not going to be until the middle of October (if it happens at all).

You can take a look at the Scriv file we produced last year here:
and the Windows compile settings here:
but that was geared up for a very particular writing format and wasn’t done with any publisher submission requirements in mind.

Thank you, pigfender. Your post and the linked files are (at least for me) a great help. It is much appreciated. I suppose one could clear out the copy, change the folder names to placeholders (1,2,3, etc.), modify the front matter and save it as a template…pretty much what, hopefully, the original poster might have been looking for…but I can only speak for myself, and I thank you for sharing.