Easy way to edit links?

I am in the final stages of writing up my thesis. The document has many (more than 100) figures, which I am inserting as fairly small figures in the text themselves, and I have links to the full-resolution image online. To make things nicer for the reader there is a link every time the figure is mentioned in the text, and the figure title itself is a link.

Right now those links point to my personal google Drive folder. However, as soon as I finish writing the last of the text they will be uploaded to an academic archive location, and, of course, once that happens I will need to go back and edit all of those links (at least two per image) to show there new location. I have looked, but I can’t find any information. Is it possible to bulk edit links, so that I would only need to make the change once for each figure and every instance of the same link would be updated? If that isn’t an option, is there an easy way to quickly find and jump to every link, so I can just start at the beginning and go through and make the changes in an efficient workflow?

I think there is a way to search all the links for an efficient workflow. In in the drop-down menu of the magnifying glass, in the main toolbar, there is an option that says ‘search by format’, there in the little box that appears, you can click on ‘search: links’ and it should jump from one link to another.
I have had problems with ‘search by format’. There is a bug in windows when using ‘search by format’ in comments and annotations, sometimes it skips some results. You can see it in this thread: Find by formatting not working properly?, but if you don’t use windows or comments/annotations, you don’t have to worry about it :smiling_face:

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Yes, thank you! That does get me easily moving between links, at least. Thanks for making the time to share that hint.